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Application for Monad

OOC Information
Name: Tara
Timezone: EST
Journal: [personal profile] dancingmuffins
Player Contact: [plurk.com profile] twinkieinabox

IC Information
Name: Mithos Yggdrasill
Canon: Tales of Symphonia
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Wikipedia Link
Mithos will actually be from 4000 years in the past after the Kharlan War and after he first separated the world in two. As such his personality will be reflecting how he is during that time and not after. His "death" will also be from around that time and not his death in actual canon.

Personality: See how Mithos was in the game? Throw that all away. Mithos four thousand years back was an idealist with non-twisted ideals. He believed in the ideals that everyone could exist in peace and unity regardless of their age or background. The main reason for this was because he was a half-elf, a race that is discriminated against in his world. Thus, Mithos has basically been discriminated against throughout his life. Due to this, Mithos believed that if no one spoke up and protested nothing was going to change. This included both the War that had been occurring for 900 years as well as the discrimination that had risen due to the war. This idealist point of view, being born a half-elf, and the war were the main points that made Mithos to who he was in the past.

The main thing to point out about Kharlan Hero Mithos that differs from his future self is Mithos' attitude towards others. The kindness that was shown to Lloyd and his group might have been a facade then, but it had shown a hint as to how he really was in the past. Mithos, before the loss of his sister, was a much more gentle and kind half-elf, and perhaps even a bit naive. Yuan, one of his companions, had agreed to assist Mithos and his sister. He wanted to prove that Mithos' ideals were naive, and to prove the hypocrisy in Mithos' words. However, the same half-elf that wanted to prove the hypocrisy in his words, ended up admiring Mithos' (as well as his sister's) way of life. Despite hardships, Mithos would continue to look forward to his ideals, and look forward to changing the world to a place where his kind were less discriminated against. If things went wrong, Mithos would try to find a way to change it, and will try to look on the bright side of things.

With that said, Mithos was much less selfish. He allowed the safety of others to come before him and his ideals. This is shown when him and Kratos had found the Fandalia Flowers. While Mithos mentioned that he would be happy with the idea of half-elves being less hated he had refused Kratos' idea of him and his sister giving the medicine to the village people. At the time, he believed that it was not for recognition that they looked for the flowers, but simply to help the people around them, and would not want to risk causing an uproar. Unless he had good reason Mithos won't show what hatred he had for humans and elves despite being discriminated by them. If he were to show it then his ideals would simply be harder to take care of especially with how deep the roots are. This said, Mithos avoids any conflicts that he might have with anyone, and would rather have someone else take credit than causing a commotion.

Mithos could possibly come off as a bit mature to some despite the young age of fourteen. This is because Mithos carries himself as an adult, as described by his sister, Martel. This and also with some guidance by Kratos, whom Mithos learned how to act around authority from. He's also mentioned to be a bit sagacious, which may tie in with how he carries himself around others and around himself. While Mithos might hold himself up as an adult though Mithos is still a child and several traits show that. He has a side of him that can be a bit snarky and a bit of a tease. It's primarily shown through his interactions with Yuan, teasing him and causing little arguments with the elder half-elf. This causes him to sometimes act like a child having to then be reminded not to become "that sort of adult". While this might look like a negative trait of Mithos' it does show a lighter more outgoing side of his. However, before one can get a glimpse of this snarky side of Mithos they must get the half-elf to open up to them first.

Due to the discrimination and war Mithos may be a little uncomfortable if not a bit timid and nervous with speaking with humans (and elves) upon first encounter. This isn't because of just the discrimination that has run deep, but because of he doesn't really know how to relate to others and doesn't quite understand how to. However, there are a few emotions that might override the timidness. The first one is determination - perhaps even courage - such as when Mithos wanted to tell the Kingdom of Tethe'alla about the attack Sylvarant was going to cause. Due to this determination, he had met the Knight Kratos who had later joined him as a companion. It is also the reason why Mithos believes that keeping quiet will not change anything. In order for anything to change someone must speak up. With this said, while Mithos might feel a little uneasy on the inside he'll put up a front until he feels like it's alright to ease up around whomever the person is.

Basically, Mithos has a shell around him. When Mithos first meets someone there is that shell that must be cracked first. If Mithos feels that he can trust the person then he'll become more open, more outgoing, and generally more social. He might start acting a little less like an adult and more like his real age. However, because of his inability to relate to others one could say that Mithos has a little bit of a trust issue. It could take a while to break him out of the shell that's built around his delicate heart especially if one isn't a half-elf. He's also never really had friends his age (which doesn't help his issues) and allows him to continue to hold himself up as an adult. There are a very small number of people who have really gotten this trust from Mithos. Those people are really only his companions and his sister Martel. Around them Mithos is cheerful and perhaps even a little bit playful. This is defined when Mithos thinks of the idea of playing "Rock Paper Scissors" to see who goes into the Forest.

Due to not having many people to trust Mithos doesn't really show pride in anything. However, because of Kratos, Mithos does take pride in being his apprentice. He shows this pride by calling himself "Kratos' Number One Apprentice", and is one of the few things that he really shows his pride for. This is because of the fact that not only he takes pride in being Kratos' apprentice but also trusts Kratos even though he's a human. Kratos taught the half-elf many things and had helped him along the way even giving up his own position as a knight to come with him and his sister. Mithos enjoys Kratos' company enough that when the group splits up Mithos likes to go with Kratos. He becomes disappointed when Kratos doesn't pick him. How much he becomes disappointed depends on who he's stuck with. If he's stuck with Martel he's only a bit disappointed but still loves to be with her. Getting stuck with Yuan is another matter, and it usually ends up in a little fight between the two. If Kratos chooses Martel, Mithos doesn't hesitate to start something, such as him commenting on having to protect Yuan, something that the other half-elf protests. While he might not trust Yuan as much as Kratos, there is a little trust between the two. This is shown a little when Mithos complains that Yuan is dense about his affection for his sister, and says that if he loves her that he should just say it. He shows his trust for Yuan in a different way, and that's by teasing the half-elf and seeing his reactions.

While Mithos might hold himself to be a strong, adult-like half-elf, in reality he's really delicate. There were a few things that Mithos had a habit of doing which ultimately ends up being his downfall. One of these habits is that he clings onto people's words whether they are good or bad. He clings onto the words that those who discriminate against half-elves say causing him to dislike the humans and elves more. This also causes him to try to bottle up the feelings that he has. This is shown through his actions. While Mithos can continue to keep his head up high and look forward there are times in which he allows this bottled up hatred to get the best of him. He doesn't only cling onto the words of those who hate him, but even more so from those he trusts. Those whom he trusts must be careful with their words. Even with those he trusts, his delicate heart can easily break if someone says the wrong thing. Or at the wrong time. One of Mithos' ultimate downfalls in the future was clinging onto Martel's last words and twisting them into the new ideals that he had.

Even though Mithos looks forward and tries to find ways out of bad situations if something puts him in too much distress he'll crash. When the King wouldn't listen to Mithos and Martel's warning about the other country and the Kingdom went up in flames Mithos broke down. His reaction to the King's ignorance because of their race was enough to scare his sister. When the young half-elf breaks down he can become a bit pessimistic and confused. He might start trying to push the blame onto others, ask questions, and might even resort to showing his hatred for humans and others who have discriminated against his kind. He has basically been pushed to his limits, and would need someone he trusts to come along and calm him down. To be reminded of his goal, and what he is to do. During this time, it would be unwise for Mithos to be left alone, and thus support would be needed.

Martel, his sister, was his pillar of support. Kratos, and possibly even Yuan, supported him a little during his journey but Martel was everything to him. If anything happens to his sister, Mithos becomes instantly worried and doesn't hesitate to try to come up with a solution to the situation. Mithos can handle things on his own, and does trust people to take care of his sister for him, such as when he goes with Kratos somewhere, he leaves his sister to Yuan. However, talk bad about his sister, or do anything to her, and you'll immediately be placed on his blacklist. More than anything, Mithos will not tolerate anything happening to his sister, and as seen in the game, will do anything to keep her safe.

However, the opposite could hold true as well. Mithos has Martel as a pillar of support, but Mithos also supports others as well, particularly his companions. Due to Mithos' ability to keep forward and his idealistic point of views, Mithos was able to support his sister whenever she believed that he was too young for what they were doing, and also become an important pillar of support to his mentor, as well as someone that Yuan admired. Mithos, due to this, is almost like a double-edge sword, needing support, and giving off support at the same time. Losing his support, or losing his ability to give support could become a downfall for the half-elf.

In short, Mithos is an idealistic half-elf, who continues to look forward. He might seem a bit mature at first, but once you break the outer shell, inside you'll find a cute adorable fourteen year old with a cheerful and playful personality. Be careful though, because push him the wrong way, and he'll break, possibly even showing hints as to what he became after his beloved sister's death.

Mithos is both a spell caster and a swordsman. He's capable of a wide variety of spells (all elements except wind, water, and darkness) and special techniques with his sword. Not only that but, because of the Cruxis Crystal that he hears, Mithos has abilities of an "angel". He has heightened hearing, sight, and he's capable of bringing out shiny rainbow wings. That said, because he is both a half-elf and someone with a cruxis crystal he has a huge amount of mana for his spellcasting and so forth.

- His sister's Panpipe. Made out of a special nut from a special tree and can be used to summon a summon spirit. not that any of that matters in Monad. It's one of the only thing he really cherishes other than his sister herself, as it's one of the only keepsakes you see him having in the actual game.
- His sister's staff. Because why not
- His sword. Possibly a sword that was given to him by Kratos when he wanted to become a swordsman
- The Eternal Sword. Created by Origin so Mithos can split the two worlds when he made a pact with the spirit.
- His Cruxis Crystal. Though he'll always have it on him because well it's kinda embedded into his chest.

Sample: "Please, do not fret. We're here to help you. May I take a look at your wounds?"

The worlds are now split and all Mithos and his companions had to do was wait for Derris-Kharlan. However, despite the worlds and the war it didn't stop them from going around and trying to help anyone who needed it, regardless of their race. The moment they saw these injured group of humans they made their way over. The humans they approached were uncertain. Understandable, as Mithos' group had not one, but three half-elves but that's when Mithos spoke up.

For the moment the humans didn't seem to agree, looking at each other and having a silent conversation. But eventually one of them nodded as if they agreed that their friend needed help. Mithos gave a reassuring smile as his group then walked over. Mithos and his sister then kneeled and both looked over the wound on the injured human. The wound wasn't deep and seem to just be a wound from a sword. Perhaps another group attacked them? Mithos holds off on asking any such questions until he's done looking over the injured. It doesn't take him long to some to a consensus.

"Hmm. It's not deep. We should be able to heal this without much trouble," He gives a nod to his sister who starts to heal and allows her some space. While she's doing that he'll talk to the leader who still didn't seem too happy about getting help from some half-elves. But hate aside, Mithos puts on his gentle face. One that says he harbors no ill-will towards him nor the rest of his group.

"Once my sister is done healing he should make a full recovery quickly. Though I advice you and your companions find a place to stay for the night to avoid any monsters." Though, if he had to be honest, it's not the monsters he's worried about. Arguably, he's not even worried about the band of humans he's speaking with right now. Rather, he's worried about the group that they might have attacked. The group that, very likely, could have consisted of half-elves. But asking about the situation might cause their attempt to help to do sour. It's the last thing Mithos wished to do.

The leader nods his head understanding the recommendation. Good, if they aren't attack tonight for any reason then they'll understand that they were only there to help. The sounds of Martel healing stopped and Mithos is about to turn around to face her when:

"Hey, aren't you Mithos Yggdrasill?"

Turning back to the human Mithos nods his head. "Yes, I am." It wasn't the first time he's asked this. Especially not since he ended the war between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla before they were split into two worlds. The latter people are also aware of.

Responding to that question was something Mithos wish he hadn't done when he sees the smile on the leader's face. But before Mithos can finish processing it he hears his sister's voice calling his name.

Then he felt a surge of pain as the human his sister just healed stands and stabs him in the back.


He manages to turn around and see the human who stabbed him with a look of both surprise and betrayal. The words Gives us the Great Seed! can be heard from the leader as Martel runs over to stop him from falling completely. She kneels and tries to help him but Mithos can only feel himself fading away. Yuan and Kratos both protect the two siblings from the leader and the other humans while Mithos gives Martel his last words.

"I'm sorry, Martel. It looks like I failed to bring you a world where we can all live freely."

Martel says something in return, but Mithos was unable to hear it as he loses consciousness.


Mithos wouldn't freak out about the world once he sees it. He'll remember enough about his death to know that is isn't a dream and that it was the group of humans he tried to help that killed him. He'll be uncertain about what he thinks of the world. Is it an afterlife? Maybe. But the only feeling he'll really feel for a while are betrayal. He'll panic more about that than the world itself.

Mithos grew up being constantly rejected from society. From a young age he and his sister were banished from their hometown. No matter where they had gone to try to find a place to stay they weren't accepted. Instead they were judged and discriminated against for being half-elves. They were treated as nothing but fugitives. So despite Mithos' attempts to be strong and managing to put an end to the Kharlan War, he fears and hates being judged or neglected. He'll put on a kind face, but deep down he doesn't like humans. In fact he actually pretty much hates humans and elves due to the discrimination he has faced. The idea of never being able to find a place to live also frightens him, though I suppose that goes along with being neglected. All of this leads to that he can't really understand and relate to other people, as mentioned by Martel to Kratos.

The fact that he's so [i]co-dependent[/i] on his sister is a weakness in itself. It's fine when you're dependent on someone, but to be it on Mithos' level can be reckless and unhealthy and can lead to consequences (as seen in canon). What really frightens him the most though is loses his sister. She's his biggest pillar of support and while he would hate to lose Kratos (or even Yuan... to an extent) losing Martel would cause him to snap (again, as seen in canon). The idea of life without his sister leads to nothing but hopelessness, really.

Other weaknesses are not being able to admit to his mistakes (mentioned by Kratos) and being extreme in his coping mechanisms. He'll either keep it to himself or completely break out and nearly snap (or both. Keep it until it bursts out). And, because he cannot see his mistakes, is something he won't be able to easily break out of habit.

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